What is a lumen?

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What is a lumen?

Laravel Lumen is a micro-framework based on the Laravel framework, designed for building fast, lightweight, and efficient applications and APIs. Here are some key aspects of Laravel Lumen:

  1. Purpose: Lumen is tailored for microservices and API development. It focuses on providing a minimalist framework that retains the essential features of Laravel without the additional overhead.

  2. Performance: Because it strips away many of Laravel's features that are not essential for building APIs, Lumen can handle requests faster and with lower latency.

  3. Similarity to Laravel: Lumen shares the same core components as Laravel, which means developers familiar with Laravel will find it easy to pick up and use Lumen. It retains a similar syntax and many of the same features, such as routing, middleware, and service providers.

  4. Components: It includes essential components like:

    • Routing: For defining API endpoints.

    • Middleware: For filtering HTTP requests entering the application.

    • Validation: For ensuring the data passed to the API meets certain criteria.

    • Eloquent ORM: For interacting with the database.

    • Queuing: For background job processing.