React useCallback Hook

In React, a callback hook is a function that allows you to pass a function as a prop to a child component, which can then be used to update the state of the parent component.

useCallback is a hook that allows you to memoize a function so that it is only recreated when its dependencies change. This can be useful when you have a function that you want to pass down to a child component, but you don't want to recreate the function every time the parent component renders. By wrapping the function in useCallback, React can reuse the same function reference between renders, which can help improve performance.

Here's an example of useCallback:

import React, { useCallback } from 'react';

function Parent() {
  const handleClick = useCallback(() => {
    console.log('Button clicked');
  }, []);

  return <Child onClick={handleClick} />;

function Child(props) {
  return <button onClick={props.onClick}>Click me</button>;

In this example, we define a handleClick function using useCallback, and then pass it down to the Child component as a prop. Because handleClick doesn't depend on any props or state variables, we pass an empty array as the second argument to useCallback.