Which template engines do Express support?

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Which template engines do Express support?

These template engines work “out-of-the-box” with Express:

  • Pug: Haml-inspired template engine (formerly Jade).
  • Haml.js: Haml implementation.
  • EJS: Embedded JavaScript template engine.
  • hbs: Adapter for Handlebars.js, an extension of Mustache.js template engine.
  • Squirrelly: Blazing-fast template engine that supports partials, helpers, custom tags, filters, and caching. Not white-space sensitive, works with any language.
  • Eta: Super-fast lightweight embedded JS template engine. Supports custom delimiters, async, whitespace control, partials, caching, plugins.
  • combyne.js: A template engine that hopefully works the way you’d expect.
  • Nunjucks: Inspired by jinja/twig.
  • marko: A fast and lightweight HTML-based templating engine that compiles templates to CommonJS modules and supports streaming, async rendering and custom tags. (Renders directly to the HTTP response stream).
  • whiskers: Small, fast, mustachioed.
  • Blade: HTML Template Compiler, inspired by Jade & Haml.
  • Haml-Coffee: Haml templates where you can write inline CoffeeScript.
  • express-hbs: Handlebars with layouts, partials and blocks for express 3 from Barc.
  • express-handlebars: A Handlebars view engine for Express which doesn’t suck.
  • express-views-dom: A DOM view engine for Express.
  • rivets-server: Render Rivets.js templates on the server.
  • LiquidJS: A simple, expressive and safe template engine.
  • express-tl: A template-literal engine implementation for Express.
  • Twing: First-class Twig engine for Node.js.
  • Sprightly: A very light-weight JS template engine (45 lines of code), that consists of all the bare-bones features that you want to see in a template engine.
  • html-express-js: A small template engine for those that want to just serve static or dynamic HTML pages using native JavaScript.


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