Coding Interviews are not broken!

Coding interviews are broken. They judge your memory rather than skills. I am a fresher and I don't think I am going to use these algorithms and data structures anywhere. After all being the most junior developer in the team I will be mentored by the senior developers. It's my employer's responsibility to train and groom me into better developer. I have graduated from a well reputed university with higher grades. Isn't it enough to prove my worth?

Sounds familiar? Don't be surprised, these were common even back in early 2000's. Computer Science graduates after completing 40 courses of 320 credit hours scoring higher GPAs filled with confidence applying for the jobs and get punched in the face when interviewed for algorithms and data structures. Graduates performing well in these interviews doesn't necessarily belong to elite universities but they all have one thing in common and that is problem solving skills. A skill to analyze the problem and develop the logical steps to solve that problem using algorithms and data structures which they have been taught throughout their bachelors degree program.

Why the companies test for algorithms and data structures? It is difficult to understand when you are starting your professional career and this was the case with me also. But after few years when I got promoted and started taking technical interviews, I observed that developers who score better in algorithms and data structures, proved better programmers and quick learners. You can shift them easily to any technology and they quickly grasp it and start producing results. This is because they have developed a logical way of thinking which every programming languages demands.

So next time preparing algorithms and data structures try to learn how everything works, it will not only help you to score better but also make you better developer no matter which programming language you work in.